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  Great job, Elise, for award of a first place presentation award at the AIChE Annual 2016 meeting!
  Congratulations, Sasan, on your excellent PhD defense in June 2016!

The Leach Lab welcomes Kathy as a REU student in summer 2016.


Jennie is invited to serve as an NIH Study Section Member on the panel Bioengineering of Neuroscience, Vision and Low Vision Technologies (BNVT) with term 2016-2020.

  Swarna's paper on astrocyte response is published in Tissue Engineering! Congratulations to Swarna, and her co-author, Alex! More...
  The Leach Lab welcomes Zahra for a graduate rotation project in fall 2016.
  Sasan is awarded a UMBC Dissertation Fellowship in January 2016. Congratulations, Sasan!
  Sasan's paper on synergistic effects of substrate and hypoxia on human neural stem cell proliferation. Nice job, Sasan! More...

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