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Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts


Ghourichaee SS, EM Powell, JB Leach. (2017) Enhancement of human neural stem cell self-renewal in 3D hypoxic culture. Biotechnology & Bioengineering 114:1096-1106 [PMID: 27869294]

Tissue Engineering

Balasubramanian S, JA Packard, JB Leach, EM Powell. (2016) Three-dimensional environment sustains morphological heterogeneity and promotes phenotypic progression during astrocyte development. Tissue Engineering 22:885-898. [PMID: 27193766] (Featured on cover, see image at right.)

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Balasubramanian S, EM Powell, JB Leach. (2015) Investigating Cell-ECM Interactions and ECM Synthesis in Three-Dimensional Hydrogels. Neuromethods: Extracellular Matrix, Editors: Jennie B. Leach and Elizabeth Powell, publisher: Springer Protocols, Humana Press, 93: 101-109. [link]


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*Jennie B. Leach is also listed as J.M. Baier and J. Baier Leach.

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